We can be set up and ready to greet you and your guests upon arrival at your reception with a welcoming drink. Whether it is champagne, martinis or a specialty concoction, our staff will be ready to greet your guests.


We are able to offer a wide range of wines and champagnes at very competitive prices along with glass hire with all wine purchases. We will also provide your wines chilled or red room temperature and ready to pour.


No matter what your budget, when it comes to the toasts, it has to be bubbly! We can offer a wide range of champagnes, which our staff will chill, pour and serve to each guest in time for speeches.

Alternatively, we have a delicious sparkling white wine, or prosecco which is very similar to champagne, but at a fraction of the cost. We can advise and quote for the appropriate number of bottles to supply guests and we will also provide the hire of champagne flutes.


We provide everything in the same way as the pay bar, but you pay an agreed fee per head in advance and your guests can enjoy your hospitality without having to pay for their own drinks.

$250.00 Deposit (Non-Refundable)

We do not offer a cash bar at this time.